Saturday, 19 September 2009

What did I tell you?

....I just know that when I get there somebody will say "you should have asked, I've got plenty of them spare".

I arrived at the Cubby Hole this morning with my bag of home made boxes (a couple of which were looking a little sorry for themselves) to find a table groaning under a mountain of matchboxes. Not only had Sue brought enough for everybody, but Carol had sent her OH off on his bike to scour Tesco stores in the wilds of Stoke. I now have a carrier bag full of handmade boxes and several hundred safety matches in need of a home.

The workshop was enjoyable and I have now been introduced to spray inks (and a couple of them seem to have fallen into my craft bag). I'm not sure what I'll store in my matchbox extravaganza, but I'm sure I'll find something soon enough. I also envisage a couple of these being made for Christmas (my granddaughters probably need something to store their hand-made jewellery in).

It looks like we've also lured another card maker over to the dark side as well ;)

Oh, and I must say thank you to Suzanne (aka That Woman) for trying to get me some match boxes during the week.


  1. Fabulous, just love this storage box ;o) you always need to take a coat with large pockets to fill, when you go to these kind of 'dos' I find, amazing how stuff just drops all by itself, right into your basket; have a great Sunday!

  2. WoW!! Looks fabulous!! And lined drawers too!! ^.^
    Jewellery boxes sound a great idea, I'm sure they'd find plenty of things to fill them with!!
    As for 101 uses for 101+ about (after cutting off the 'live' end) spreading PVA over a sheet of paper and fixing them to it to make fab backing paper...or covering the top and non opening sides of the 'jewellery boxes' then painting them??
    Hmmm...Just another 99 uses to go then!! lol

  3. Love the box, love the colors, love the embellishments . . . I guess you could say I LOVE IT ALL! *smiles*

  4. holy moly that is wonderful!!! i love the colors too!!!


  5. That is beautiful ... fabulous work.

  6. This is a very beautiful and creative box- wonderful for show but useful as well! Great work!

  7. The box is FANTASTIC! How lucky ye all are to have Sue ;)
    It just so happens that I have a wee home for unwanted match boxes ;)

  8. The boxes look great Nigel. Hope to see you at another workshop.
    Sue B

  9. love the boxes Nigel...assemblage is one of my favorite types of art to create! I wish there were workshops near here to attend!