Friday, 18 September 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

We have a workshop at the Cubby Hole tomorrow, entitled 'Matchbox Extravaganza'. On Monday I found out that we have to supply our own matchboxes. Not just any matchboxes, they need to be the 'bigger-than-normal-but-not-as-big-as-cook's-matches' ones, from Tesco. I wandered down to find the shelves empty, but was told a delivery was due. Next day I received a text from 'that woman' to let me know she'd just bought the last ones! I've spent the past few days wandering around supermarkets looking for suitable matchboxes, with no success.
Oh well, no worries, I'll do what any self-respecting crafter would do, and make my own. If you ever hear me suggest anything similar in future please feel free to slap me! After having to reprint the template because the printer resized it, then find that the inners don't fit the outers and much muttering I finally have a bag of suitably sized boxes for tomorrow. And I just know that when I get there somebody will say "you should have asked, I've got plenty of them spare".

In other news the beaded rope is finished and has been received by a very grateful friend. She was so impressed that I now have a commission for a necklace in the same style. All I need to do is find some beads in the correct shade of pink.


  1. Dont forget that "that woman" also made three extra trips to Tesco for you cos she felt so bad for having the last four packs ....... anyway bet your boxes are better than ours and you dont have the problem of what to do with 1200 matches that cannot be struck lol.......
    See you later
    Love from "that woman"

  2. Lol 'that woman'!! :0)

    Your beaded rope looks fab!! Good luck on your search for pink beads...and hope it's more successful than match boxes!!! :)
    Have a good weekend x

  3. "That Woman" indeed.
    I hope you had fun at your class and you were n't in too much trouble *LOL*

  4. Suz,

    I could have mentioned the return trips, but you know how worried you get when I'm nice to you ;)


  5. Yes that's very true "that man".... I am not use to change!
    That Woman xxxx