Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bimbling along

Well, I'm back at work so there's not been much crafty stuff going on :(

I've been working on a card today and finally finished it. It's my entry for Gothic Arches Challenge 3. The challenge is to make a card which includes an arch. The background is Autumn, but the scene through the arch is Spring.

I've been working on a bit of beadwork during the week, nothing extravagant - just a spiral stitch rope for a friend. She wears her glasses on a chain and it keeps snapping so I need a 2" rope instead. It's a fairly relaxing process and it grows at a reasonable length. I'm about halfway through so hopefully a few more days and I'll have it finished.

And on that note, I'm going to take my glass of wine and my beads and watch the Last Night of the Proms :)


  1. This is lovely - so much detail - a fab card!

  2. this is stunning! is that some gold embossing I can see, great work! Good luck with it. Would love to see the chain when finished.

  3. gorgeous card and such pretty details and image! lovely work! thank you so much for playing! :)

  4. Congratulations,Nigel! You won! :))

  5. This is gorgeous Nigel and well done on winning too!

  6. just had to pop over here when I visited your "shoe size" post today ;)

    wonderful arch card...such rich colors and depth...I am very fond of arches!