Tuesday, 5 November 2013

AEDM2013 day 5

Less productive for this one
(guess who's back to the daily grind)

I need to let the paint dry before I start adding more detail.
This is a possible idea for a sale item.
I'll see how it works out.


  1. A most excellent butterfly! love those vivid colors!

  2. Love the butterfly!!! I am often way too impatient when it comes to drying paint :(

  3. I can' never wait until something dries if I'm really into it so I whip out the hairdryer that lives in my studio for just that purpose. Instant gratification….that's the ticket! Beautiful colors and image!

  4. oooooo, yummy colors Nigel! You let paint dry? Wow. Now i know you have more patience than I do. ;-) Have a great week! xox