Wednesday, 13 November 2013

AEDM2013 Day 13

At the moment I have ideas,
but they're not ready to surface yet.

Some are blurry images,
others are half formed words,
and all are lurking in my brain
waiting their moment to demand attention,
to be drawn
or painted
or written.

Usually at 7 in the morning
whilst I'm trying to get my socks on.

Or 3 in the afternoon
whilst I'm trying to create a data query.

But never when I'm sat at the table,
poised with pen or brush.

So instead I've sat and splattered some paint around.
And now I'll sit and stare at it.
I'll sneak up when it's not looking
and see if I can catch it out
and find out what it wants to be.

If you happen to notice what it is
whilst you're looking at it,
do let me know!


  1. I can see two red skeletons dancing in the garden!

  2. It may be some pretty sea weeds dancing on the ocean floor but whatever it is…it has lovely movement and lively colors!

  3. I'm with the the skellies dancing ♥ Love the colors .

  4. Fun description of our process sometimes. But, what is that quote? Something about showing up and doing the work? If you're moving paint around, the piece will come. If you're sitting on your butt in front of the TV, probably not. Right? :)

  5. Well.............dare i say it is the C word colours??

  6. I see many people dancing... full of red passion. Your description of how the creative process goes at times is so right on! :) Happy AEDM!

  7. Red plants sprouting perhaps? But I also see dancing:)