Tuesday, 12 November 2013

AEDM2013 Day 12

Nothing too spectacular for this post.
I've spent most of my time playing around with old photos for a friend,
trying to touch them up so that she can frame them.
I have to admit that digital artwork isn't really my forte
I can just about manage to tidy up some of my artwork shots
with a bit of cropping and straightening,
but Gamma adjustments
HSV variations
and so on leave me at a loss.
I'll stick to paint I think.

Today's offering is some work on the third canvas board from day 4.


  1. Making progress with your canvas will love to see it when it is finished keep it up..

  2. I'm with you Nigel, on the digital art thing. i quickly get bored... much rather do the hands on stuff. Your canvas board.. *I'm starting to think i'll never*?? I hope we see the finished piece. xox


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