Sunday, 17 November 2013

AEDM2013 day 16 & 17

Two days in one,
you lucky people.

It's been a flat kind of weekend
and yesterday I couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to post,
even though I'd done something creative
I'm not really happy with this
The idea is based on a little piece of dialogue that came to me
and was scribbled in one of my notebooks
"Why do you turn your back to the fire?" she asked.
"Because somebody has to watch the darkness" he replied,
"for it is full of shadows and fear.
But for those brave enough to approach, it is a place of wonder too."
The two figures are supposed to illuminated by firelight
but they just look muddy
I think this will be getting a remake soon

Today has been an improvement
although not exactly bursting with energy
I've put together three frames for the end of month sale.
They need some more work yet
and then I'll have to force myself to eat chocolate
so I have some empty wrappers to fill them with
I may have to drink gin too.
The sacrifices I make for the sake of art.....


  1. I am in love with your fireside piece and the prose that goes with it. If you re do it, I know I will love it even more

  2. I like the fireside piece also.... chocolate and gin sound good right now too ♥

  3. ooooooh!! the words, the words! i'm very much loving your fireside piece...i don't think the figures look muddy at all and the glow that the fire creates against the trees...*dribble*

    i'm very much enjoying your aedm posts...they're keeping me motivated...:)

    ps. you are true hero - chocolate and gin - what sacrifice, indeed!



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