Friday, 25 October 2013

Just dance

The inspiration for this came from the video at the end of the post.
It was one of those random things that people post on Facebook that really caught my attention.
The music is brilliant, full of life;
this guy is obviously enjoying himself;
and the effect of the light is intriguing.
How could I resist turning it into a journal page?

The only downside is that it reminds me of something
I can't dance.
I'd love to be able to bounce around like that,
or maybe an Argentine Tango,
but sadly nowadays my joints have all the flexibility of a scaffolding pole
(complete with associated creaking noises)
But the good news is,
there's always the armchair boogie
(it's not pretty or elegant but who cares)
Needless to say, in my younger days when I could have done this,
I didn't want to!
George Bernard Shaw was right:
Youth is wasted on the young!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm posting this on a Friday lunchtime instead of a Saturday/Sunday evening, it's because I'm off to haul this decrepit old carcass around the countryside for the weekend.
Have a good weekend,
and if you get the chance



  1. I loved the video when you shared it on fb and the Art you were inspired to make is one of my favorite pieces you have ever done. I love the blue halo around the silhouette and the slight hint of shadow. Beautiful Colors !
    Have fun this weekend.... and dance in an open field. I'm sure the Universe will be dancing with you.

  2. Love all that color and you got the gesture just right, Nigel. I always wanted to learn to REALLY dance, too. The huz and I took ballroom dancing once but it did not go very well...lots of conflict! The only dance we could do well was the cha cha. Hope you have a fun weekend. - janice

  3. I really enjoyed this post....both the video, your words and your art:)

  4. Brilliant page Nigel, love the contrast of the silhouette and the colour burst in the background. Exquisite! x

  5. i love what you did with this Nigel! Love the contrast between background colors & silhouette... and that video was great. I agree. He obviously loves to dance. Thanks for sharing! xox