Saturday, 19 October 2013

Even in the quietest moments

there's no deep and meaningful hidden depths for this one
just me playing with a bit of paint in one of my journals
I'm sure that if I tried hard enough
I could find some hidden message from my psyche
buried deep within the lyrics of the song.
But that sounds like hard work
so I'll stick with the playing with paint idea.
maybe I'll do 'deep & meaningful' next time.
but don't bank on it.


  1. LOL! ... "don't bank on it"... ;-)
    It doesn't always have to be deep & meaningful (although your work often is). Love the brownish background you created here & the music of Supertramp. We're actually seeing Roger Hodgson in concert here in a few weeks. (yay!!)

  2. It's good sometimes just to go with the flow...of paint! And it doesn't make art any less special! x

  3. ps: we saw Roger Hodgson a few weeks ago. They played this song beautifully. i melted in my seat. ;-)


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