Sunday, 11 December 2011

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff

If you thought I'd wandered off, never to be seen again; unlucky! I've just been busy and not had much internet time.

There has been creativity during the week; some good, some bad and some ugly...

First off, I can now show a couple of the Christmas cards that I made during AEDM for the workshop that we held yesterday at the Cubby Hole. That Woman showed us ideas for gift boxes, Carol showed us a handmade tree decoration, and I had 3 cards. It's always intriguing to see the variations that people come up with (the steampunk versions were very different).

Next up are a couple of gifts for friends. They're known as care boxes, and can be made from anything that you can wrap in a sheet of paper (one was throat lozenges, the other antacids).

That's the good stuff sorted. The bad was a couple of ideas which I've had and are great in my head, but just can't get them onto paper or canvas. not even a basic sketch. They've been filed for later in the month (or next year).

Now for the ugly. This is was a canvas for somebody. It started out light brown and green with some botanical stamping. Then it turned green, pink, gesso, back to green and is now in the condition you see before you. Mixed up in all that chameleon whirl is tissue, mesh (tulle) and gauze. It's now gone into the 'I'll come back to that later' pile, and I've started a fresh canvas for the swap.


  1. Love the idea of the care boxes. I can think of someone who might just get Paracetamol, wrapped up nicely for Christmas;) and cheerful gift!

  2. Thanks for the WS Nigel enjoyed the day... love the care Box idea :D

  3. Nigel, I like the ugly. My colors. visiting from CED Terah

  4. Great cards--I especially like that first one! And the care boxes...I hadn't seen those before, and it's such a sweet gift idea :)

  5. Wonderful creative items ~ Love them all ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) and (Share the Creative Journey)CED

  6. the care boxes are great and I am glad that you too have things that don't work and need to be filed and revisited... hope the rest of the week goes smoother ... PS my desk wishes it had cool tattoos like yours does... thanks for that now it is thinking it is uncool and giving me even more grief than usual...xx

  7. I love clocks and gears - your card is inspired with those little snowflakes! So many great pieces of art in this post!!!!