Friday, 2 December 2011


This is another Christmas present, this time for one of the ladies at the meditation/Reiki group (I haven't decided which one yet, I may leave them unlabelled and see who gets what).

The poem is Leisure by WH Davies.

There should be another 3 canvases on similar themes over the next few days, watch this space.

It's also another entry for CED

The fairy image is from Stampotique / Jo Capper-Sandon,


  1. Well, I am really jealous of this little fairy. I want a pair of stockings just like those and oh, what I'd give to have such amazing locks and in green too. ( Next time I go to the hairdressers;))
    This is one of my favourite poems, probably because I spend a lot of time doing just that:)

    Nice one!


  2. Nigel, this is a great idea. I'm sure whoever gets this as a gift will be pleased.
    Happy weekend! xoxo

  3. She's going to love this! So thoughtful!

  4. what a great gift, I love the green in this.

  5. great gift Nigel.... these are such lucky people to be receiving such gifts... you are being really productive too... nothing like a deadline like Christmas looming to get the work going is there... xx

  6. Beautiful canvas, the lucky recipient will really cherish it, I'm sure! x

  7. My, Nigel, you do make great presents. Can I come join these groups?? lol great work xx