Monday, 12 December 2011

In the bleak Midwinter

This is a 7x5 canvas, acrylic background with the tree added in poster paint and stamped lettering.

The original design (without the lettering) was going to be a swap, but as it only took about 1 hour (mostly watching the paint dry) it felt a bit too easy. I like it but it felt like I should put a bit more effort in for the swap. I was sitting listening to Classic FM, and considering whether to add the lettering and enter it for the latest Cubby Hole challenge, (A Christmas carol) when "In the bleak midwinter" came on. 
Ok, I can take a hint. This is going to the Cubby Hole and I'll make something else for the swap.


  1. dear Nigel... i'm not too sure what a Cubby Hole is, but it doesn't sound too promising... :-) Personally, i love your tree and especially those words... "in the bleak midwinter"... love the swirls on the tree. They somehow seem melancholic to me. You're not doing so bad with the posting! i've been really slacking off since the end of AEDM. oh well. Que sera sera.
    Have a great week and perhaps reconsider NOT putting this one in the cubby hole. :-) xoxo

  2. oops... i just noticed your "cubby hole" button on the side here!! So maybe it IS something promising after all?! i thought perhaps it was a fancy way to say "trash". heheheheee. Goes to show what i know. xoxo

  3. The branches on your tree are wonderful! Such fine detail!

  4. Beautiful tree, love the swirls on the branches!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!


  5. The words suit your canvas admirably!

  6. that song is the first thing that came to mind when I read your bbb post have captured the feeling beautifully

  7. This is my favourite painting from you so far... I love love love this... very cool xx

  8. awesome branches!

  9. This is a great canvas, love the tree! Does the paint dry quicker if you watch it drying...? ;P x


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