Thursday, 21 January 2010


Another page for my year journal.
I spent last weekend being Reiki attuned, so that I can use it to help control my arthritis, as well as maybe helping others. Both days included a meditation to settle into the right frame of mind, and this page is inspired by what I encountered during them. Apparently, the redhead in the trench coat is called Janice.
I think it's the first time I've used charcoal for more than just a bit of shading, maybe I should try it again.


  1. Seema like you're well chilled Nigel hope it helps... this is surreal.
    Sue B

  2. I love this, am very into abstract stuff at the moment and this, to me, is partly abstract. Shall be interested to hear if the Reike works as my arthritis is not getting better: so good luck!

  3. Hey you...yes think you should use the charcoal a little more..I like it! BUT I am worried about Janice in the red trench coat...hope she got clothes underneath lol!
    Suz x

  4. What a brilliant creation and so revealing too ;)
    I admire that you were able to translate what came up in meditation and healing treatments.
    Very inspiring!
    I was due to attend a week long Metta Meditation Retreat, but we are now expecting a huge snow storm here in the Wash DC area ... time will tell. Thanks to you Nigel I will most certainly bring a few simple art supplies!

  5. Great work, one never get lonely when we have crafts, more gents should do it I think, and keep themselves out of trouble, once they are single again !!!! There you go I suppose a bit of trouble is ok. Go well Nigel. Lovies xxx