Sunday, 24 January 2010

Inspired by...

I've been creating a couple of items today for challenges, and these images are the results. First up is my entry for the latest challenge on 4x4 Friday. The theme is a bird and a boy, and this was inspired by the 4x4 submitted by 'That Woman'. It's been a while since I've dabbled with chalks and I'd forgotten how subtle a finish they produce.

Next up are the ATCs which were inspired by a comment on one of the (many) birthday posts to celebrate the 3rd birthday of The Artist Trading Club. Snake's Head Fritillaries are beautiful, delicate flowers once found widely in meadows, but now limited to a few wild locations due to farming and land drainage.


  1. A handsome set of Botanical ATC's Nigel and your Bird on a Wire is a really creative collage- I like the soft background effect!

  2. Oh wow this is brilliant.
    Gorgeous creation.

  3. Great collage - I love the title you have given it. Your botanical ATC's are exquisite.

  4. Beautiful work Nigel ... now where did I put me chalks?

  5. The 4x4 is outstanding, Nigel. Of all our artists, we have only one at The Three Muses challenge. You'll have to join him! I'm so glad you've found art as an outlet at this point in your life. It's so healing.

  6. Hi Nigel I left you a comment about 9mp butI don't see it...did you eat it?

    Now what did it say?

    wow, how good are you, those ATC's are fabtastic very clever...thinks me will have to send one to myself hahahaha.... only I can't.

    Thanks for being a guest at our ATC club birthday bash you helped make it a success.

    Here is to the next one.

    Chriss x

  7. ps still have not been to sleep yet.

  8. He's quite a birder, Nigel! :) Thanks for sharing your art this week.

  9. What a sweet bird on a wire and I love your botanical atc's too!! Nice work!!


  10. He's very cute and cheeky looking - like someone I know LOL!
    Great work, Nigel.

  11. Love your botanical ATC's and the card is superb!
    I went on a little tour on your blog as i havent been for ages ( sorry, so busy!) and you've done some fabulous work!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Hugs xx