Friday, 29 January 2010

Friendship - 3 Muses challenge

Here's my entry for this week's challenge over at Three Muses, after I was gently prodded in their direction by Bev :)


  1. I'm so glad you responded to my "prod" Nigel! I've been browsing your blog and enjoying it very much. Your entry for our challenge is beautifully done, and I SO enjoyed reading "Sea Fever" again. I love the old-fashioned rhyming poetry, and it's such a wonderful piece. I know Mark (our other guy) will welcome some more testosterone to our challenge. Please make us a habit!

  2. This is so true.... so beautifully put together... i have really enjoyed my time here just like bev... maybe you should try 'Art on the darkside' 'macabre mondays' and 'darkness inspirations' sometime in the future as well...i know the 'ladies' on these challenges would love to see a mans take on the darker themes.
    keep safe lynx

  3. Wonderful piece, Nigel! The color selection is very fine. LynnF

  4. Welcome to the Three Muses, Nigel. You are not alone. We have Mark from the Netherlands who creates wonderful tags. Now we have Nigel with his fantastic bookmark - so richly coloured and artistic and with the perfect quotation. It always amazed me that tiny templates can be such beautiful pieces of art.
    Hope to see you back again (and again).
    Cheers from Marie aka Ozstuff.

  5. Wow this is gorgeous.

  6. I like this, Nigel. Hope you're beginning to feel better x

  7. great piece and the angel posted below is gorg.

    have a great Sunday.

    chriss x