Sunday, 31 January 2010


Depending on who you ask, Imbolc is celebrated either tomorrow or Tuesday and is one of the four Celtic fire festivals. It is also known as the Feast of St Brigid, or Candlemass.
In Canada, USA and parts of Europe it is celebrated as Midwinter, whilst other parts of Europe celebrate it as the beginning of Spring. Whichever view you take, there's no doubt that spring is on the way; the mornings are brighter, the days are slightly longer and the first signs of life are appearing - green shoots forcing through the earth.

I'd been contemplating a journal page for Imbolc, and had the beginnings of an idea when Kersten posted her challenge over at 4x4 Friday - Imbolc! Time to kill two birds with one stone then :)

The first image is my 4x4, and the second is the full journal page. It's charcoal and pastels over ink, with a bit of acrylic for good measure. As somebody who doesn't draw much I'm really pleased with the way this has come out.


  1. And so you should be pleased with this!!

    Really nice work, Nigel!

  2. This is gorgeous should draw more because you can!

  3. Love this Nigel.. fantastic art!

  4. This is wonderful Nigel- the seedling as a beautiful sign of Spring and her glorious red hair so symbolic. Hope you can enjoy signs of Spring where you are this Imbolc!

  5. this is great Nigel!! fantastic colour of her hair!!!

  6. Happy Imbolc to you ....lovely drawing and when our snow has gone I`ll be looking for those new growths x

  7. Nigel, there is a little gift on my blog for you :)

  8. and so you should be Nigel it really is so simple yet it says so much and on this occasion less is more..
    chriss x

  9. Nigel, this is beautiful. You're venturing into an area I've wanted to for quite some time - ART JOURNAL! :)

    Thank you for your Olie comment. It has been a tough week here in our corner of Alaska. Thank you.

    And thank you for sharing your art this week!

  10. That looks great Nigel, i really struggle with faces, it always looks like a 3 year old did it.

    A fantastic journal page.



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