Sunday, 2 November 2014

AEDM Day 2

Here's today's contribution, and the start of my AEDM project.

Over the past couple of AEDMs I've worked on things that take more than a day. I don't work on them every day, usually over a week or so. This one is probably going to take all month, if not longer, due to the size. The canvas that I'm using is 36x12, a scary size for somebody who normally works on 8x8 or A5.
The drawing is on a sheet of scrap paper, and my next job will be to scale it up so I have a full size image to work from. 2x A3 should do it.


  1. Good to see your creativity again, Nigel. It sounds and looks like good and interesting project. Good luck!

  2. love the image you're starting with! It will be nice to see it come to life

  3. I'm already impressed and here you've just begun. I look forward to following this painting through from beginning to end. It's already lovely.

  4. I'm excited to see the progression of this piece! I'm sure the large format will fall into place once you get her sketched out - absolutely gorgeous design!

  5. Yes, I'm with elizabeth. An ambitious challenge for you. I'll be watching with excitement!


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