Saturday, 8 November 2014

AEDM Day 8

Another from the recent past.

This stems from an idea I came across when I was convalescing last year,
but never got round to using.
Until recently.

It's all to do with friends and family,
who's close and who's connected and so-on,
but instead of just following your heart
or who you think should be part of the inner circle because they're family,
you take a long hard look at things and actually score them.
It was an interesting exercise,
and it turns out my heart and my head are pretty much in agreement.

The background is a canvas that I'd randomly painted,
and recycled to be the 'scoreboard'.
And then the whole thing was painted over,
to give just a couple of peeks into what I know lies beneath. 
Just to keep people guessing :)


  1. Wait, what? You painted over that glorious mandala? Nigel! :) Both pieces are beautiful.

  2. This is a technique I like to use. It is fun for you to know what is there.


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