Thursday, 20 November 2014

AEDM Day 20

No angelic update today.
I've started on the gown/dress, 
but it's just a big patch of blue at the moment 
so there's not much to show.
So instead i'll show you something that I finished a few weeks ago, 
that I actually started at the end of the last AEDM!
but then ground to a halt 
(along with many other things).
But eventually I managed to get myself into gear and finished it,
(and I'm even happy with the face!)
just in time for the annual diversity exhibition, 
so at the moment it's on display in our local art shop/gallery.
This is my second work for Brigid,
in a more a more traditional style,
rather than the modern images of my Goddesses that I've done previously.

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