Monday, 3 November 2014

AEDM Day 3

I don't have anything to show from today, or at least nothing interesting.
I've enlarged the sketch and started transferring it onto the canvas,
but it's nothing for you to feast your eyes on.
So instead I'm going to show one of few the pieces that I managed to create during the creative dry spell.
Aside from a lack of creativity, there's also been a lack of travelling this year,
I only made it to a couple small get-togethers and one camp.
That camp was The Pagan Clan Gathering, which celebrated it's 10th year,
and one of the things I loved were the meditation workshops
run by Charlotte from Infinite Dimensions.
This piece came about from one of those workshops,
which encouraged us to find our own mantra.
Mine started as "I can and I will" which morphed into this,
inspired by the Brigid,
goddess of Healers and Artists


  1. love the infinite and profound simplicity of this...and OK, what the Hell is a slug cake?

    1. I've added a page to the blog to enlighten you :)

  2. At first, I thought this was a photo. It is gorgeous.


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