Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pampering the muse....

After not producing much over the last few weeks, it seems that I've suddenly gone into overdrive!
Inspiration has come from several sources; support from several people, most of who I've never met. Some totally unexpected gifts from a couple of the Altered Gypsies, and my muse is back!
Now, although my muse is a lady of refinement, it turns out she also likes to let her hair down! Last night I sat with a Whisky Mac, listening to some vintage Quo* when she suddenly turned up and filled my head with ideas. It was too late to do much last night, but tonight the Quo are back on the speakers and I've managed to produce a set of 3 journal pages. Who'd have guessed that good old 12 bar boogie could have that effect :)

This is my Imbolc page for the Altered Gypsies, Wheel of the Year journals. 3 copies will soon be heading over the pond for inclusion with all the other pages that have been created. It's pastels on a distress ink background.

*For those across the pond who are not aware of this phenomena, the Quo (or, to give them their full title, Status Quo) are a band who originally started in the late 60s and are still touring to this day. They're the first band I ever saw live, and have been going for so long that they're almost a national treasure :)


  1. I now have a lovely mental picture of you and your muse doing that funny dance with the elbows :)

  2. You mean heads-down, no-nonsense, mindless boogie? :)

  3. Fabulous dose of rock n roll Nigel...how have I lived this long and never heard them!!!
    WHERE have I been! (in my finest British accent ;)

    Happy your Mojo is working so splendidly!

  4. Nice art work!...Dire Straits..is more me.
    I mean the band:)

  5. Nigel Nigel!! This pastel painting is fantastic!!! i really love the textures and the colours you chose... SO happy that you were inspired. And the music! You ROCK!! xoxo

  6. Would you mind sending your Creative Muse my way, too? My mojo seems to have deserted me so I would gladly accept some help in that field! Fabulous page!!! x

  7. So glad your muse dropped in on you! This is such a wonderful piece of art!

  8. OH Gwen, I like Dire Straits too.

    Nigel, I've heard of Status Quo but don't think I ever really took to them. I do love your Imbolc piece...very nice work!

  9. What a wonderful piece, I really love the symbolism and the texture is great! This might be one of my favorites of yours.

  10. Nigel..so happy you have found your inspiration. No surprise it is a lovely lady, always is! Happy to stop by here again! Julie