Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another Sunday catch-up post

There's still not a great deal of art going on here. I'm having ideas, lots of them, but just can't seem to find the time to get them done, and when I do get a little time it seems a struggle to get stuff out to create. I'm hoping that next week may be a little more creative, as I'll have more time (famous last words).
I've managed to get something done today though. I have 3 book bindings drying on the side. When they're completed they'll be my sample pieces for a workshop in March.
I've also managed a card for a friend who's coming back to work next week after a couple of months off.


  1. Welcome back to you too Nigel....those book bindings sound interesting and your colleague will love this card!

  2. I think your friend will love that card; it should certainly make her smile; I gather she's a she!
    Nice one!


  3. You remind me of myself- you say you can't get anything done but then you have the book bindings drying and you have made a wonderful card for a friend. Love all the textures you have in the card!!!

  4. I've seen this in the flesh! so to speak.. great card.
    suzi b :)

  5. Nigel, how did i miss this one?! What a GREAT illustration!! I love everything about this girl...especially the hair! And the background... what looks like barbed wire? It really adds to the illustration style. Great job! You're getting better & better. xoxo