Friday, 24 February 2012

Let there be rock!

Well, after a nice quiet evening on Wednesday, the Muse decided it was time to liven things up again last night.
This background has been in my journal for a long time. It was a challenge to use 3 random colours at a workshop, and I  really didn't like it. Anyway, last night it was decided that I would use them, so here's the result (apologies for the dodgy photos, the metallics kept bouncing the flash back).

And here's the inspiration...


  1. The before pages remind me a bit! of the Aurora Borealis ... now its fireworks over the rock festival!... great
    suzi b :o)

  2. Well I thought your pages looked great before and they certainly are super after as well Nigel!

    Thanks again for a great dose of Rock n Roll...helps put some kick in my step ;)

    Happy Weekend to you!

  3. I love it when a background calls to me! The metallics may have been a tough thing to photograph but I imagine they add so much in person. Great pages!!

  4. AC/DC brought back old memories... ha! Your pages really ROCK!

  5. Eventually we go back to things that would otherwise niggle us for not tackling. I like metallics and I like the music-making elements you have hand-drawn.
    Do you now like these pages? You have done a great job in their revival! :)))

  6. Love that acca dacca is your muse... just the thing sometimes to get the heart pumping and the paint flowing... had a big Pearl Jam week last week, but it was all Velvet Underground the week before... haven't settled on this week yet, but maybe not ACDC.... need a little calming down I think...xx