Sunday, 10 April 2011

A whisper of moths

I've been busy this weekend, but can't post what I created as they are for swaps, or DT pieces. This evening I picked up my little notebook where I jot down ideas; lyrics, quotes, etc, and decided to go with "moths aren't boring".

The entry was inspired by a conversation about rubber stamps a little while back. I commented that there's hundreds of butterfly stamps, but very few moth ones. The response was that moths are all boring and brown, and they're 'icky'. This is a quick bit of pencil art. The moths are based on a few minutes Googleing to find inspiration.

The two small photos were taken when a couple of moths decided to take a rest while I grabbed the camera.

There seems to be some debate over the correct collective noun for moths, but I like Whisper.


  1. Great idea for a journal page. The moths in the pics look quite interesting in colour but they just frighten me when they are flying around me LOL. Tracy x

  2. I agree with Tracy, moths are a bit of a handful sometimes ;) But yours are quite sweet! ;))) x

  3. I'm with you. Moths aren't given the appreciation they deserve. Looking forward to seeing your design team creations this week online :) Px

  4. I like 'Whisper' too. It's how they sound when they pass your ear in the night.
    We don't appreciate moths...and you are stamps.....had not noticed before.
    Your pencil drawings are pretty cool; moths can be really so colourful, can't they?

    Bill Oddie has recipe; a concoction of sweet things to attract them, then all you need then is a bright light!!
    Try it in Scotland! Put honey on your list of supplies when you pack the van. Seriously!!!

  5. Having said, 'we don't appreciate them', funnily enough I do have an ID book and I really like moths; though not when I was small.
    They can be so colourful and the day-flying Hummingbird Hawk Moth visits me often and I really love watching his hovering activities; so a little helicopter!

  6. Thanks so much for the comment, Nigel ! I used to get very scared by moths when I was young.. still now a bit.. don't know why.. but they just scare me a little =) Whisper sounds good !

  7. a whisper of moths
    sounds and looks quite magical Nigel!

    I can't imagine WHO said moths are boring...I find them fascinating...I was lucky enough to see a big green lunar moth once...I could not believe my eyes
    Super pics you have there and I spy a Lunar Moth on what you created too
    Happy Spring!

  8. A Whisper of Moths - i love that! So appropriate for them. And thanks for sticking up for them - they're just as gorgeous as butterflies. :)

  9. Sorry to be different from the majority again....but moths dont appeal, they are too "jittery" to appreciate. Too frantic! But again I do appreciate your artwork!