Saturday, 23 April 2011

Abandon hope

or at least get ready to say "see you later".

Playday today at the Cubby Hole, but only a few of us there as there was a second hand book/card/ephemera sale. I picked up a couple of old school books which are falling apart, small pocket sized books from 1850 & 1875 on correct English and arithmetic. Also 1960 working instructions for electrified railway lines. Last but not least, a 1957 vocal score for Handel's "Messiah". One page of that has already been put to good use.

The first bit of art was my entry for the current Cubby Hole challenge - "Mannequin". It's a secret for now, but inspiration came from Mark Twain and chairman Mao :) If you want to join in the challenge please feel free.

There was a bit of faffing about with a couple of journal pages, including one in my new journal, and I finally finished these pages shown here.

I won't say it's taken a while, but I started this on the first Art Journal workshop with Sarah in March 2010. Yes, 2010 - it's taken a year!

Tearing a page in half and colouring it was done on the workshop. As time has passed I've slowly added bits and pieces; webs, skulls, wording etc.

Last week, Carol had some new goodies in the shop, brass charms including these wonderful skull & crossbones which were just what I needed to get it finished. The doors are made from wood veneer which is normally found adorning the interior of a Bentley :)

Ok, you can go and find hope again now, but remember; Don't speak ill of the dead!


  1. Hey nigel... very Roddiss..esque (?spelling) :D loke the colours

  2. Loving your journal pages Nigel. Enjoy the Easter weekend, Annette

  3. Oh I love your Journal pages Nigel. S x

  4. great pages, nigel. have a good easter weekend.

  5. Great journal pages Nigel! I haven't done anything 'folding' in my journals for a long time - it sure is inspiring to see your page!

  6. Hi Nigel,
    great journal pages!!! Happy Easter to you.
    XO Marie

  7. Wonderful journal "entry" Nigel! Must be fate that those skull and crossbone charms arrived ... they're perfect here!

    Also, congrats on your Altered Alice honorable mention! SO deserved!

  8. I like all the different paint effects on your pages!
    The squiggly lines on the left remind me of bats, but that's probably intentional!

    The eye-catching bit for me is/ are...the little faces peeping out. How did you do that, are they hand drawn or a stamp?

    The gesso splatters make it quite atmospheric.

    Lovely! (Sorry for the ramble.)

    I am rather envious of your 'old' finds.