Monday, 18 April 2011

PS - Thank you - Updated

The PS in this instance being Patty Szymkowicz - the talented lady who produces the Magpie's Nest blog, full of wonderful art, amazing photography and inspiring words.

Following an email exchange about canvases, we decided to swap art. I sent her a 4x4 canvas and received this beautiful 4x5 canvas in exchange. The colours and imagery are beautiful, it has wonderful texture and there's an amazingly solid feel to it, as if it is wood. It's stunning.

Aside from the canvas there was a bag of goodies, - papers, stickers, stamps and various other ephemera, including a large paperclip with a blackbird on the top. I love blackbirds :)

In a wonderful piece of synchronicity we both received them today, and her thank you emailed arrived just as I was starting to write this!

Thank you Patty :)

Update: - the goodies I sent to Patty are here


  1. What a lovely surprise! I bet you deserved it!
    Sue xx

  2. Truly a beautiful work of art, and it never hurts when things come with surprises, does it?

    So, are you going to show off the piece you sent to Patty?

  3. Our packages certainly did cross in the skies magically it seemed...perfectly timed.
    I could not be more delighted with the wonderful canvas and goodies that you sent to me.
    My post will be ready on Wednesday showcasing our swap.
    Many many thanks dear Nigel.
    It really is a delight getting to know you here in the land of blog. I admire your creativity so are a man of many talents!

  4. PS ~ me again :)
    got my editing feature working at last and my post featuring your goodies is up as well!

    Happy Tuesday Nigel!

  5. What a lovely story Nigel and both sets of goodies and art work are just wonderful!

  6. Hi, I came by after visiting Patty as I loved the beautiful work you sent her and I wanted to see more. Your blog is a lovely place to visit and I will visit regularly now I know that you are here. Penny

  7. Hi Nigel! I found you through Patty (I always want to check her contacts out *teehee*) and I saw your beautiful canvas. I curious to see more of your art, so I will scroll through your blog now! Always nice to meet other artists!

  8. There is nothing better than to receive such a beautiful piece of artwork. I bet you are thrilled!

    Happy Easter!
    Gaby xo

  9. Beautiful work of art,Nigel!TFS.
    XO Marie

  10. The canvas you send to Patti is a wonderful work of art too,Nigel!!Have a wonderful evening.