Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Do you see a weed?

or do you see a flower?

To me, Yellow is the true colour of spring. Brilliant splashes as Forsythia bushes explode into bloom, Daffodils bursting through the earth to toss their golden heads in the sun, and now these little beauties :)

As I drive home from work I have to negotiate a fairly large roundabout, and it's usually a start-stop affair, which gives me time to stop and admire the daffs, or watch the birds foraging in the grass. Today, in amongst the daffs I spotted my first dandelions of the year, and when I got home it was a case of grabbing a pencil and watercolours and sketching this. It must have taken all of ten minutes.

Spontaneous art, whatever next?


  1. well if its not killing anything , its a flower to me,
    looks great too:)

  2. whatever next...you are too funny Nigel

    Dandelions are such showoffs with their brilliant yellow and hardy ways...the seed heads are hard to resist too

    your sketch is brilliant

    oh and I imagined yellow Scotch Broom growing along the road sides?

    Happy Spring!

  3. The difference between a weed and a flower is a judgement!!

  4. Spontaneous is best!
    When is a dandelion not a dandelion?
    There are so many dandelion look alikes, all with different names and habits!
    I love them all and their seeds. When I went to have another peep at you painting and found you have put some in, I lost all of message so had to type it all out again.

    I love your drawing and painting...it is the little things in life that bring the most pleasure, don't you think? (Obviously you do!)
    Sue xx

  5. It is neither a weed nor a flower, it is itself!


  6. Its a WEED ...cos it smells horrid! I remember from when I was little - I havent been sniffing them recently.
    Great drawing and colouring though!

  7. I yellow is always the colour for Spring in my garden. Love your piece, your weed looks positively gorgeous. Tracy x

  8. It's neither it's just fabulous.

    I do like spring flowers, I had to remove some daff's from my altar for being too boisterous.

    Lovely sketch all springy and zesty just what you want from a spring fabulous.



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