Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Community work

No, I haven't done anything naughty.

If you take a look HERE, you'll find 2 pages I created for a community journal being organised by the talented Phoenix.

Go on, take a look; you know you want to, and there's still time to join in if you're quick :)


  1. This is such an interesting concept, the problem is definitely time.
    Sue xx

  2. well done you!
    Loved the journaling
    and the listening
    and the being there
    inspiring as always!

  3. Nigel, your pieces for Phoenix's fab project are excellent! I've never gotten involved with Reiki but have heard others praise it and their practitioners as well. (I'm into yoga since way back.) Your teacher must be thrilled with such a heart-felt tribute! Thanks as always for stopping by Collagitation--your season is well ahead of mine, daffs are just little green spears emerging from the frosty soil. At least today it's raining not snowing! Keep up the good work and good works :)


  4. Love your pages for Phoenix's project, especially the second one! Beautifully done!

    Enjoy the day!
    Gaby xo

  5. What lovely pages Nigel, and a heartwarming story too! thanks for stopping by my blog...I so appreciate it when you leave a comment. could I "pay it forward" and join the project? hmmm...

  6. Your pages and thoughts really touched me Nigel. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I found you through Susanna.


  7. Hi, Nigel ! Nice and lovely to meet you =)
    Thanks for such sweet comment on my blog and I'll take time to look around here too ! Lovely community journal pages !

  8. Love the pages Nigel...and the thoughts behind it! Just wished you were as nice to me lol !


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