Sunday, 26 September 2010

Digital Equinox

Now that the Macmillan events are out of the way I've had time to create a piece for my 'year in the life' journal to remember Mabon (Autumn Equinox). Not only was it the equinox, it was also full moon so the nights were wonderful.

As I mentioned in my "Balance" post I intended to be in a field somewhere, and I was :)

On Monday I stocked up on food, wine and fuel and headed down to Somerset, to a campsite I know. It's a back-to-basics site with a couple of water points, toilets and that's it. What it also has is lots of greenery, birds and pitches where you can have an open fire. I arrived to find I had the whole site to myself, so after finding a nice spot it was time for dinner and a glass of wine, then set a fire and sit and watch the sunset and moonrise (accompanied by Jupiter). There was hardly any breeze and no need for a jacket - perfect :)

On Tuesday I headed in to Glastonbury. After wandering around the town and buying a few things (small Buddha figure, couple of books and some Glastonbury biscuits) I went to visit the Abbey ruins. There's something very peaceful about old Abbey ruins, and Glastonbury is probably the best. I spent most of the afternoon bimbling around the Abbey and chilling out before heading back to the campsite for a repeat of the previous night's activities.

Wednesday was time to head home after a good breakfast watching the birds and a visit from a Raven :)

This piece is a mix of 4 photos from the trip (night, day, Abbey tree and candle light) with wording added in MS word. I don't normally do digital work, but I couldn't get the effect I wanted any other way. Software used is Paint.Net


  1. Hi Nigel

    Your digital equinox looks amazing, loving the contrast in light and dark.

    The campsite sounds like utter bliss with just you and nature and no rowdy campers!

    We love the back to basics campsites and found a gorgeous one in Builth Wells (Mid Wales) last year. Our next camping trip is next month when we go to Holland for a "not back to basics" campsite.


  2. Nigel, it sounds like a lovely few days, just heavenly. I peeked my head outside of my light polluted suburb but still I saw the beautiful harvest moon and Jupiter next to it. To think it was the very same moon...

  3. Somebody has been very busy these past few weeks! ;)
    There's some great artwork, there. The digital one came out very good, too (GASP! ;))

  4. We have been enjoying the harvest moon on this side of the pond, too, in NYC -- above the tall buildings. Your country outings sound delightful.