Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Big Cubby Hole Pyjama Party....

.....maybe a misleading title as PJs were optional!

This weekend I've spent a lot of time at the Cubby Hole as we've had a weekend long workshop which started on Friday and finished this afternoon. It was a brilliant weekend, and I'd like to say thank you to Carol & Sarah for organising it, Paul for the toast, and to the ladies who came along and made it a success - Christine, Little Sue, Tracey, Wendy & That Woman.

We started on Friday evening by covering the floor with plastic sheet and then splatting paint around with mops, brushes and even a garden sprayer! It was at this point I realised that these weren't ordinary women I was with - they're all addicted to Strictly! Every so often the theme would blare out from Sarah's phone and we had to stop what we were doing and begin a new task! Sarah even went so far as to demonstrate some of her new dance moves, although Suzanne missed them as she was too busy cleaning ;)

Moving swiftly on, the result of this weekend of mayhem is a handmade book with a felted and stitched cover, and various single or double pages which were created in response to instructions from Sarah (following another blast of Strictly intro) such as 'a page with a hole' or 'black & white with a splash of colour'. We also incorporated folded pages, giant jigsaw pieces, playing cards and various other 'fun & games' elements.
The "do you feel lucky?" page was finished when I came home. The instruction was 'create a page with the domino & bingo Cuttlebug folders'. As I was colouring the page the Dirty Harry quote came from somewhere and wouldn't go, so it had to wait to be finished until I had access to a printer.

We got to play with Tyvek, a fibrous material which comes in paper or cloth form. It can be cut but not torn and is used for making the white 'papery' coveralls. You may also find it used in packaging (the thin white padded envelopes). It's interesting to craft with as it shrinks when heated, but not in a uniform way so you never know what results you'll get. Colour it with paint, blast it with a heat gun (or iron it) and see what you get.

We were also given a challenge by Carol, to produce an A3 journal page during the weekend. Mine is 'Into the light'.

The books shown are (L>R, Top to Bottom):
Tracey, Suzanne
Sarah, Nigel
Christine, Little Sue
The theme for these pages was to take inspiration from a specific page in a craft book.

There's more on Suzanne's page here.


  1. LOL...thats a great photo, at least you were not close enough to get my grey roots and you know I love cleaning. Am surprised nothing was said about me being on my knees...

    Thanks for the company....great time and your book is fabby! Have just edited my blog to include a picture of the very clean table!

  2. Wow, what an amazing weekend that sounds! love the book and think it's great you all let loose and had a riot!(ious time!)

  3. Sounds like you had loads of fun and the the results are absolutely fab! I also love Sarah's "flying" picture lol ;)

  4. I just LoVe that you captured that moment of me tripping up! And extremely glad that I managed a twirl and stayed upright rather than landing 'splat' onto our big painting lol It truly was a fab weekend :)

  5. This looks like it was a lot of fun! How freeing to 'play' on a large scale ...

  6. Boo Hoo ... I missed it!! it all looks fab. can't wait to see everything .

  7. What a fun weekend...I know wherever Sarah is, a party breaks out! Well done on your projects. Great creativity all 'round!

  8. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

  9. Looks like you had great fun Nigel and the Tyvek sounds fab, your work looks yummy too. Glad you had a fab time shame I missed it. Tracy Evans x

  10. So envious. It sounds like a great messy time was had. Love the idea of splashing paint around on the floor. Those books look brilliant. Very colourful and expressive. Wish we had something like that over here. You're a lucky guy :)

  11. Duh - just realised that it is near here. Missed out on that haha!!! Px