Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sorting out

I have a little crafty kit that I use when going to workshops, crops, etc; that holds my essentials - scissors, craft knife, pokey tool and so on. There's also a lot of other stuff in there like tooth picks and pens and 'things'. It's all kept in a nice tupperware box, or at least it was. I was rummaging yesterday and managed to stab my self with the pokey tool, so I bit the bullet and bought a mini-toolbox/organiser thingie. All my essentials are now nicely housed, various brads and beads have been returned to their rightful places, and the odd bits of paper and tape have been consigned to the bin. I have no doubt whatsoever that it won't last long. Give it a couple of weeks and there'll be 'stuff' that shouldn't be in there. Oh well, to celebrate my new-found organisation I've made a card which includes fibre and a watch face that were lurking in the old box :)


  1. Ouch!! *.*
    Fab card and some great finds! :) Good luck with the new 'organiser'! If it's anything like my craft desk...give it a few hours and it'll be full of everything that shouldn't be on there...never mind weeks!! ;0)

  2. eeek! hope you're alright :)
    Have fun with your new organizer! I recently had one that I loved but instead of organizing it just turned into a big mess lol-now i just love my new ones!

    let's see that craft space!


  3. Looking forward to seeing your new organiser thingy! tidy or NOT. I keep trying to be organised but within no time I'm in a complete mess & I always lose something! esp if I had it (whatever it might be) a minute ago LOL
    Sue B

  4. I hope your tetanus is up to date ... if it is anything like my pokey tool ... you will need one!

    You were sooooooooooo close with crocodile teeth ...... NOT! But you sure did make me larf - Thank you!

  5. great card and congrats on being 'organised' ! do you ever do UTEE embossing? I have a feeling you'd be good at that.

  6. Nettie, The sky on the star gothic arch is thick embossed, it just doesn't show up very well on the scan :)

  7. oh, sorry I missed that ;o( problem with that kind of thing, never see the beauty of it in photos, same as mica paints . .