Sunday, 22 November 2009


There's not a great deal to report on the crafting front. I'm still struggling to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper/card/. Yesterday was crop shop at the cubby hole and I managed to get a couple of pages done in my 12 questions book. These are the questions from June and August (I managed to get out of synch somewhere along the way). Only 3 more to do and then I'll be back on track (yeah, right).
The answers are pretty straightforward really. I would love to be able to make music or sing, even if only for my own enjoyment, but sadly I couldn't even carry a tune in a bucket. Oh well, I guess I'll have to listen to other people doing the hard work and just enjoy it.*
Why do I want to visit Iceland? Because when I was about 12 we had a visit to school from somebody who had spent a lot of time in Iceland and gave a talk about this mysterious country. this was long before Iceland became a tourist destination, and was also about the same time as the "Cod War". It has held a fascination for me ever since. I've been there twice, but both occasions were stop-overs at Keflavik while on the way to Canada. One day I will pay a proper visit.
*Bad Company have announced a reunion tour in April and I have tickets :D


  1. These are great ... I have always wanted to sing or play an instrument too ... sadly I sound like a football hooligan with a sore throat and I got thrown out of a taxi once for playing Morning has broken on my harmonica ... as for Ice land ... aint it a bit cold??????????

  2. fabulous work! love the piano/music one in particular as they are 'my' kind of colours. Iceland sounds interesting to be sure ;o) have a good week.