Friday, 6 November 2009


It's about the only way to describe this one really. It's a birthday card for a somebody at The Cubby Hole, and it doesn't look anything like the original idea. I originally started with the of a Crow or Raven and on an autumnal backing, and finished up with an owl and sort of plant-type frond things. Ah well, such is life.
The backing 'paper' is a page from an old edition of The Observers Book of Birds that I found lurking at the back of a shelf. I don't normally go about tearing books to pieces (not even for crafty purposes), but this one is the 1969 version, and it's already lost several pages - so my conscience is clear :)


  1. I love this, funny how things have a habit of turning out totally different how we thought isn't it . . happens to me all the time, my projects tend to evolve as they go along, have minds of their own;o) I love how you have used the beads to look like middle eastern pots and how you've done the plants-fronds. I think it is well worth using that mag, a form of recycling! have a good weekend.

  2. This is fabulous ... I always find the best projects evolve while you are working on them!

  3. It's a beautiful card and i really love that owl image.

    I'll be bugging you again to get details for making those flowers and I love the leaves!
    I don't have any stamps with leaves on!