Saturday, 28 November 2009

Green fingers

No, I haven't suddenly developed the ability to grow things, but sticky fingers inks don't come off that easily :)

Anybody who has looked at Sue Roddis's blog recently will have seen her blog entries about her ongoing journal page creations.
Well today it was the "Great Journal Workshop" at the Cubby Hole, and those who were lucky enough to get a place got the chance to start their own journal.

Great fun was had by all, trying out new ideas and colour schemes with great abandon. We layered paper, sprayed inks, painted with acrylics and even took a risk and wrote on our pages! Most people came away with a page or two that was complete, and several pages that were started and needed more inspiration.

These are the two pages from mine which are complete (maybe). The first started out as torn papers with acrylics spread over them, and finished up as a Roman theme when I found the picture of a legion invasion in one of the old books we were using ( the scan is a little unclear). The other one was a reflection on the day. It was such fun that the time really did fly (and we even had a treat and talked Paul into doing a chippy run for lunch :)


  1. Waaay-heeey!

    I like your pages! It's great fun doing these because anything goes!
    The writing is good too. My writing pretty crap at the moment.
    "When In Rome...DON'T Do as The Romans Do"!! Take it from me! ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time and I MISSED IT!... maybe I'll get to another one... if there is one that is. Look forward to seeing more pages.
    Sue B

  3. Loving your pages ... I really must start a journal!