Saturday, 16 May 2009

Street Cred? What's that?

OK, I admit it - I watched Eurovision. I even enjoyed it in a way. I wasn't going to bother but somebody kept mentioning Germany's entry so I had to go and see what the fuss was about and it just sucked me in from there.

Ok, now I've got that off my chest it's back to the normal stuff. I've not done a lot of crafting this week, mainly due to work commitments and other stuff. I have managed to finish another CJ layout, but no pics for that.

Today was another Sue Roddis workshop at the Cubby Hole, working on canvas using copper sheet and wire, as well as paint and stamps, etc. Unfortunatley I had to leave before the workshop finished as I wan't feeling to good, but I'd got all the pieces so I managed to finish it at home. if you want to have a look at the inspiration it's here.

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