Saturday, 30 May 2009

Coming up roses

It's been a bit of a flat week really, after the enjoyment of the weekend. Back into work on Tuesday and apart from it being quiet, having to put up with sulks from one member of the team didn't help. Luckily there was some re-coding to do for the invoicing database so that helped, and we had a team lunch on Thursday too :) We've been invited to head South to mingle with another part of the account and meet the people we deal with each week. Most of us jumped at the chance except one who then moaned about having to be in the office on her own.
Now that the good weather is back I've decided that it's time to get back on my bike each day for work. Unfortunately that's not going to happen very soon as some thieving ##### had it away last night, despite it being locked and behind locked gates. Ah well, I guess my feet still work.

Anyway, on to the real reason you're here ;)

It's a friend's birthday tomorrow, and as I got
a beautiful card and a gift from her, I wanted to return the favour. The gift was easy enough, but the card wasn't. After several false starts during the week I decided to go back to basics last night and dug out a pencil. Google came up with a nice image to use and a couple of hours later this was the result. Pen and ink drawing coloured with distress inks.
For the non-crafters, the fluffy material behind the image is Mulberry paper. It's a fibrous textured paper. If you run a wet paintbrush over it you can pull it apart to give the feathery edges. A quick rub around the edges with an ink pad, and you have the card you see before you :)

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  1. Great card Nigel, i've not used Mulberry paper but it looks great on your card. Great colouring too. As for the bike, i feel for you...i've had mine nicked twice now. May the armpits of whoever knicked your bike be infested with the fleas of thousand dogs!


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