Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just catching up

Not much crafty stuff today, but I figured it was time I brought things up to date.

The weekend was fabulous, as was to be expected. It was good to meet up with friends again and to meet new people. As usual there was a constant supply of homemade food; cakes, breads, pickles and so on. Apart from the occasional shower the weather was ideal, lovely and sunny with a nice breeze to move the clouds on when they made an appearance.

The Beltaine celebrations were the highlight of the weekend, with the usual activities such as the Green Man, jumping the Bel fire, etc. and as we danced the Maypole at 5am the sun burst through as it always seems to do. I have to admit that I dodged out of the early morning dip in the sea this year and went for breakfast instead. The rest of the day was spent sitting around the Bel fire or walking around the countryside. The most memorable moment was Beltaine Eve listening to Claire’s storytelling, and hearing the sound of the wind playing her harp as it rested on the ground – a wonderfully haunting sound on the edge of your hearing.

I’m back at work now and on a post break slump. There’s not much happening as we’re waiting for the new work to start so the days are slow and dragging, but it gives me time to mooch about on the web a bit and look for ideas. One site I have come across is the Web Gallery of Art, well worth a look.

The only crafty output so far is a birthday card for my grandson. I’m not a great fan of decoupage, but he wanted Bob the Builder, so that’s what he got. The rest of the time has been spent finding bits and pieces ready for this weekend. It’s the monthly crop-shop* on Saturday and I’ve decided to re-do my 12 Questions book in a larger format. I’m still struggling to decide on a song for April’s page but I’ve narrowed it down to three; Barclay James Harvest – In memory of the martyrs, Deep Purple – Soldier of Fortune, or Whitesnake – Here I go again. Hopefully I can narrow it down to one by Saturday.

Right, I suppose I’d better go and do some work.

*Crop shop is an Americanism. In practice it’s a group of us getting together to work on journals/scrapbooks, have a gossip and drink tea.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend Nigel, the homemade foods sound lovely.

    I'm off to Google Beltaine celebrations, as i've not heard of them, and it will bug me all day if i donlt find out. :)