Sunday, 24 February 2013

Take this waltz

This is a page in the latest Desert Island Discs CJ that's passed through my hands from CollaborArt.

There's some wonderful songs available on this particular CJ,
but there were really only two that I wanted
and one of those had already been taken,
so I was left with the beautifully haunting "Take this waltz"
from the amazing Leonard Cohen.

I'll admit to being a late convert to his works as his music wasn't that highly featured on forces radio; so the very limited exposure I had was normally along the lines of
"Leonard Cohen? Don't go there, it's depressing".

Thankfully when I got back over here I came across "First we take Manhattan"and was hooked, so went out and found more. 
If you don't know any of his music, go and seek it out. 
It may not be to your liking, but you may be surprised.


  1. It was like that with me and Bob Dylan. Nice art work.
    X Sue

  2. Love your artwork. Visited you via Creative Everyday!

  3. aaaaaah....good ol' Leonard Cohen. :-)
    One of my favorite songs too.
    And what a beautiful work of art! Fabulous background Nigel...
    Thanks for the video. I'm happy you found Cohen. xox

  4. Nice to meet another Leonard Cohen fan! Love the movement of the two dancers in your art!

  5. h ah aha, I thought it was dance me tothe end of time ( excellent love song) but take this waltz, yes that is brill too. We saw him at the O2 in London last year? or maybe it was 2011, either way, he and his support musicians were awesome, and not at all depressing, I think people mistake his melancholic delivery and forget to listen to his words, often they are of hope and change.

  6. Fantastic page Nigel, great choice of colours and fabulous masking extravaganza :). I might have to pass on LC for now, but who knows - maybe I will enjoy it in the future? :)

  7. I recently listened to Leonard Cohen, liked it. The art looks great!

  8. I love your dancing pair. Such elegant movement in your work.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  9. The art is BEAUTIFUL, I like it very much. And I'm a Leonard Cohen fan as favorite is "The Window"... I found you via the creative everyday linky list.

  10. Nice work! And one great song. We've seen Cohen twice in the past number of years. A master!