Sunday, 3 March 2013


This was a piece that came from out of the blue,
and it hasn't had hours of agonising and planning.

On Thursday I put the van in for its MOT, so had to walk the last mile to work.
I stuck my earphones in and wandered along without any real cares,
just enjoying the first signs of spring appearing.

The music playing, at random, was OMD-"Architecture & Morality",
and somewhere at the back of my mind the seeds of this took root;
no real plan, just the idea of doing something sort of industrial and grungy. 
The canvas already had a drab background on it from a previous piece that was recycled
(steampunk moth, which I was never 100% happy with),
so it was just a case of adding some detail.
I chose 75 as OMD was the abbreviation for engine oils when I was serving,
and 75 was the most common one.
Simple things, as they say.


  1. LOVE IT when that happens! It's the divine touching you Nigel (...but in a good, not creepy way lol)

  2. I do love it when things just crop up like that... and this is an awesome direction for you... hope you explore this more... I love this... has been fun catching up with all your work lately... you are working well at the moment... way cool as the young people say...xx

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  4. Wow, Nigel. I really love this piece. I'm always intrigued to learn how abstract pieces come about. I have a bit of trouble breaking away from realistic imagery sometimes.

  5. Great composition, idea and well matched colours. Well done!!!