Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hope springs eternal

Inspired by a friend who's been through the mill lately,
but always comes up smiling, and sees the bright side.

It's something I try to aspire to.
It doesn't always work, but I usually get there in the end.
The alternative is to turn in on yourself and become bitter, dis-spirited and angry. 
And as another friend has pointed out, it must be tiring to be angry and confrontational all the time.

This was painted a couple of weeks ago when we had an end-of-winter snow flurry - although, if you listened to the media we were on the verge of the next ice age and due for a complete melt-down of civilisation. I mean, it must have been at least 2" deep in some places.

Anyway, in amongst all this doom and gloom,
spring has sprung and there's colour popping up outside the house;
snowdrops, blue & purple crocus and daffodils.

Hope you're all getting that spring feeling too.

(Acrylic on canvas)


  1. Love the thought behind this ... yes my glass is always half full. Your snowdrop is beautiful.

  2. Love the 'zen' look to your divine painting ~ Spring is not in MA USA yet ~ it coming eventually.

  3. Beautiful Nigel... i love that you placed the flower at the bottom of the canvas and left so much space above it. Love the colors too. Oh, how i look forward to seeing flowers again! (we just had ANOTHER snow storm yesterday! 30 more centimeters!!) ... joy to the world. ;-) xox

  4. Snowdrops and daffodils are blooming in Texas, too! Nigel, I absolutely love this piece...the words, the subject, the composition and the execution of it all are just terrific. So glad your friend is able to keep his chin up through hard circumstances. I treasure the people in my life who inspire me to "look on the bright side."