Sunday, 16 December 2012

Five more sleeps......

until Midwinter/Yule/Winter Solstice/insert festival of choice here
and I'm really looking forward to it,
as it will be the first one that I've been able to host in a place of my own.
But more of that later in the week.

I just thought I'd stick my head up and say hello. I'm still here. 

There's been no crafting, no poetry, not even photo's of the dead leaves in the garden.

There has been partying though :)
Tuesday was Come Dine with Me at a friend's
(we don't score each other, or rummage through the drawers)
Friday was the office party
(very civilised and nothing to gossip about)
and Saturday was the Cubby Hole party
(fairly civilised, and I don't think there's any gossip)

Today has mostly been pottering about.
Made my first batch of mince pies, and they came out well. 
Maybe not as photogenic and uniform as Mr Kipling's,
but much nicer (even if I do say so myself).
And that's about it really.

Gratuitous seasonal photograph.....


  1. Have a lovely festive feast, Hun :-))

  2. Enjoy the festivities Nigel... save me a mince pie :)

  3. Hi Nigel. It sounds like you are having very good and still very creative time. Thank you for sharing. Have a very, very Merry Festive Season.

  4. LOVE the warm festive glow Nigel...very inviting indeed!

    Enjoy your celebrations! I do not think I have ever tried a mince pie...only heard of them :)