Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nova Lepidoptera

Time to start showcasing some of my creations from the Cubby Hole's Diversity exhibition, and I'll start with my favourite piece which was my contribution to the Steampunk theme.

We were required to create something that was 12x12 so that it would be easier to combine them all. My original idea was a copper-plated contraption with buttons, bells and whistles, but somewhere along the line I finished up with a butterfly.

The main part is grungepaper covered with tissue and painted to give texture. The contrasting colour was then cut out to reveal the 'workings'. These are copper sheet that's been put through an embossing machine. The background is a 12x12 canvas; painted with acrylics and distressed. The copper patches are embossing paste and brads.

The title is from Barclay James Harvest.

I've also created a Cinnabar Moth in the same style, but I'm not as pleased with it as the butterfly, and didn't have the same buzz when I was working on it.


  1. I really love that butterfly. And I hate butterflies usually.

  2. Got to say the butterfly is outstanding....your best piece ever!

  3. I know what you mean but I like the simplicity of the Cinnabar!
    The copper patches are a great idea!

  4. Fabulous winged things Nigel!
    I think your background on the butterfly really makes it pop and draws me in...
    Just had a listen and lookie look at the video = wonderfully done and the lyrics speak to me as I try and keep "the mistress of fear" at bay while our youngest son moves half way across the country...happy to give him wings...but you know :)

    thanks for inspiring and sharing all ways

  5. I love the brilliant colour of the blue butterfly on the really individual background. Perfect.

  6. Fantastic Nigel! I love both pieces!

    Your butterfly is beautiful and funky and the moth is wondrous in it's shape and simplicity.

    I hope you're enjoying a lovely summer filled with art and happiness!

  7. The butterfly is great and the embossed copper in the wings is genius... the tag is also a perfect addition... reminds me of steampunk meets museum... very cool... and the video was cool... a perfect accompaniment...xx


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