Monday, 16 July 2012

Celebrating the Diversity 2

On Friday we had the preview evening of the latest exhibition at the Cubby Hole. "Celebrating the Diversity" is all about the community of artists & crafters who's creative home is the Cubby Hole. There's a whole range of creative types; fine arts, mixed media, stitchers, beaders and many more. It's a place where people come to socialise, create and learn. We swap ideas, teach techniques and eat cake.

The diversity exhibitions have a focal point which each person contributes a piece to, and this years focus was Steampunk, requiring us to create a 12x12 piece.

This is what we came up with...

 This is another wall full of art

And these are some of the wonderful people that created it

I'll be posting my work over the next few days, but for now keep an eye on the Cubby Hole blog, as there's bound to be plenty of pics on there.

You'll also find some more of us in blogland
Sue Roddis
Suzi B


  1. Such a great initiative and great collection of fabulous art - it must feel amazing having your art displayed ;)) x

  2. I'm envious--I want a creative cubby hole! As it is, I have to eat cake by myself ;-p

  3. It's like a tsunami; great walls of talent rushing towards you and pushing you all together. AMA-zing collaboration!
    It is quite a rare thing, I imagine, having such a committed art community. WOW!

  4. Clearly you all are having TOO Much Fun..ok that's not possible :)

    it certainly does look grand and very exciting too


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