Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stick 'em up punk!

Yes, it's two posts in two days! (Don't get used to it).
Things are on the up here, and as a result the muse has kicked me into gear.

I started this page a while back, but wasn't sure where to go with it. 
I really like the 3 skeletons on the stamp, there's something mischievous about them, 
so when this track came up on my Spotify feed I couldn't resist :)
I have to say though, attempted robbery on this lady could be hazardous to their health....


  1. that three skeleton stamp is fantastic... and the video was great... haven't listened to them before...xx

  2. Now you're just showing off all this blog posting lol putting me and my two posts in 20 years to shame lol

    Loving your Stampotiques. And pleased that things are on the up for you :0) Makes a difference doesn't it.

  3. What a catchy tune and an interesting blend of instruments in one song... harmonica, trumpet, bass, etc. Loved it. And your skeletons - yes, love them too, but i also love the lady on the left. Is this a stamp also? Very cool. xoxo

  4. Nice work! I thought it was ''Fun Lovin' Cannibals''...obviously not:)

  5. Love your journal page- the colors rock!