Friday, 30 March 2012

Settle down!

Ok, I'm back, so you can stop talking about me, and start behaving yourselves, and that includes you.
Yes, You! 
Never mind trying to look innocent, you know what I mean!

First off, apologies to those who I owe an email. I'm still running on mobile broadband at the moment, and for some reason it refuses to talk to my email server, so although I can read them, I can't send.

Life is still pretty chaotic here. I've moved in to my new place and most of the big stuff is in place, I just need to finish sorting out my stash, and the books and the CDs. Oh, and the 3 boxes of 'bits' that always seem to appear when you move and you're not quite sure where to put them.
I'm also running around like a loon trying to sort out various other stuff. We put Helen's house on the market and had a buyer within a week, so I'm trying to get Naomi moved up to Manchester, and get the house emptied before the sale goes through. Throw in work and other normal stuff and it's suddenly rather chaotic.

Amazingly, in the midst of all this mayhem there has been creativity!

Last weekend saw me at the Cubby Hole running a workshop, and making pocket books out of craftboard and kitchen roll. As usual the ladies at the Cubby Hole all came up with their own take on things, so here is a selection of what they came up with...

Nigel (Me)






  1. These pocket books look great Nigel... sorry I missed the workshop.
    Good news about the sale hope things go well .
    suzi b :)

  2. Nigel, i'm guessing you're talking to Tracey Fletcher King re: behaving ?!? ;-)

    Soooo nice to have you back!! WELCOME! By the sounds of it, your life HAS been chaotic! Glad everything went well with the move and all. You only have 3 boxes of bits?!? Holy crap, i could learn a few things from you, i'm sure. Moving usually demands a lot of energy, so i'm impressed that you've found time for creativity. These pieces are lovely... workshops (giving AND taking!) are a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. Good for you! xoxo

  3. Good to hear things went well ! I'm moving in June/July cuz I got the house for me and my girls !!! Finally !!!!!! :D
    I would help you out on sorting stuff if I were there and steal some of your angel charms :P

  4. That looks like a really cool workshop, such a shame it's so far away from my home... Good luck with the house stuff! BTW, I like the new blog look ;)) x

  5. Only three boxes of leftover "bits" after the move? hahahahaha. Amateur.

    Yea for creativity happening--love the books :)

  6. Wow- you've got lots going on and you still had time/energy to teach a wonderful class!

  7. I followed all the hectics on Twitter Nigel, I'm glad you are almost settled. Yes, those last 'little things' can take a lot of time to take care of (I speak from experience. I live in my house for 11 years now and still there is no proper light/lamp in the front room - just a bulb...) It's amazing that you managed to be creative in these chaotic days! Stay cool, relax and good luck with the finishing touches! BTW – I tagged you with some questions on my blog if you feel like taking part. Check it out at Big Hug from the Netherlands!

  8. Glad to read everything went well with your move!

    Take care and Happy Easter!
    Gaby xo

  9. Ah I guess one of the good things that comes from moving is it is a chance to lighten your load ... but what a lot of work!
    we have not moved in 28 years...I shudder to think of it!

    How fun would it be to have you teaching a wonder so much creativity came out of your class Nigel! Each creation looks super!

    Happy Spring to you and yours!

  10. You seem to be doing a lot of running about but you never run out of steam ;) I should like to attend one of your workshops if only to be a naughty student ;) Keep me a seat warm .
    I have moved quite lot of times and I know the hassle but you'll soon be settled.

  11. Clearly you are a very rousing workshop leader as each piece here is interesting and beautiful!

    Congrats on the move ... well, continuing, but nearly completed move ... change can be fun, but it's also hard, stressful work.