Monday, 12 March 2012

Like a lighthouse

Life is still slightly up and down here,
but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news later in the week.

It's not been a very creative weekend, but thankfully creativity kicked in yesterday evening, and inspired by a couple of pieces by Leah Piken Kolidas (Creative Every Day), I dug out my watercolours and started a simple picture of a lighthouse. 

Now originally this was going to be an inspirational piece about a light in the darkness or something along those lines; but as usual fate took a hand and something happened which reminded me of a saying from my army days
- and it was all downhill from there!

He's like a lighthouse in the desert;
Brilliant, but no -------- use!


  1. That is my laugh out loud moment for the day.... I have known many many lighthouses in my day it turns out... made my day... great painting oo by the way... I do like it when you paint...xx

  2. Great saying it. glad your creativity is on the way back from the doldrums.

  3. Wonderful! The blues in the sky are lovely. The saying made me laugh.

  4. oh new look on your blog (or is it me noticing it late?) !
    do you like when the fate takes your hand or would you rather control it? I think.... I prefer fate taking my hand :)
    there are.. 7 - in the quote.. I say that's pretty much same as my 7 * whenever i use that word LOL ! Have a beautiful moment !

  5. Exquisite saying and the thoughts it evoked. Glad you got inspired to create.

  6. So glad you had time to be creative. Love the twinkling stars in the sky. Fun saying!

  7. Thank you for making me smile! Love how you just take out your paints and off you go! This piece is super!

    Great new blog look too...I am having a time trying to catch up with everyone!

    Sending good vibrations your way along with every good and special wish Nigel!

  8. Beautiful piece Nigel! You've inspired me to try my hand at watercolours. I love the colours you've used :)

  9. HAHAHHAAHA!!! I laughed out loud at this one... almost choked on my coffee. Too fucking funny. (I guess i'm less concerned about using offensive language than you are!) heheheee... GREAT stuff Nigel. Your army days?!? You were in the army? you've done it all! Impressive. Thank you so much for the kind words during my last week of drudgery. It warmed my heart to know i'm part of such a supportive creative community. xoxo

  10. Haha, that is a great saying! love your painting to go along with it. the sky is beautiful. thanks for stopping by my blog, Nigel. Happy Creating!

  11. Too funny--I guess I've known a handful of lighthouses in my time, too. Love the (painted) lighthouse, and that square format of your journal is calling to me, too :)

  12. What a brilliant saying lol, not heard that before. I didnt know you were in the army...bit of a change of pace...card making and the army!
    Love how you depicted your landscape.