Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tomato inequality

Whilst it may be written in to the US constitution that "All men are created equal", it seems that the humble tomato doesn't have the same privilege!

This idea started back in June, when I was at Sarah's Altered box workshop. I was covering my box with scraps of paper from an old Italian road map, and pages from a 'Make your own pizza' book, when I spotted the quote "all canned tomatoes are not created equal".

Now, you just have to keep hold of a quote like that, so it's been on my pinboard ever since, and was joined by a page from "The bowler hatted cowboy" that somebody dug up at another workshop, which also features several references to tomatoes.

You may never look at tomatoes in the same way again ;)


  1. Great page Nigel and yet again a piece of text I love. Tracy x

  2. This is very impressive!
    Stunning work!

  3. Though I detest tomatoes I LOVE your creation! Did you hand draw your fruits? They're perfect!

  4. Hahaa good one Nigel...super quote and art piece...a pedestal is a fitting place for a nice sun ripened tomato (you say toMAto I say tomato) ;)
    It's early morning here and you've made me hungry!

  5. Your quotes are always brilliant! Love the page and I will certainly NEVER look at tomatoes in the same way... ha ha ha! x

  6. I have grown tiny yellow ones and enormous, elephantine, knobbly red ones; they each have their own flavour. I refuse to have tomato equality on my allotment.

    Celebrate 'la difference a la tomate'.

    I will just go now and check the spellings in my french dictionary, if I can find it after a humungous sort out. Well, what else can you do without the internet.
    (Nice work, by the way!!)

    Sue xx