Monday, 20 June 2011

It's a giveaway :)

This is post number 200, so there's goodies on offer :)

Three weeks ago we had a workshop at the Cubby Hole with Sarah Anderson, where we produced a goodie box from an old, cheap and tatty cardboard box. According to Sarah mine is "so Pirates of the Caribbean / Dead Man's Chest", personally I think it's more "Scavengers of the council tip".

Anyway, the good news for you lovely people is that it now has various goodies in it, and one of you will be receiving them.
You can't have the box though because
a) I like it, and
b) Customs are liable to confiscate it as a hazardous item!

Just leave me a comment and I'll add your name to the list (if you're a follower you get listed twice).

I'll draw the winning name on July 1st, when I get back from leave.

Good luck


  1. pick meeee, pick meeee! :)

    but I wish you were including the box, it's ace!

  2. Ou Nigel! I think your workshop leader is so very correct! Your box does remind me a wonderful treasure chest dredged up from a pirate ship!

    Thanks for offering up a chance to win surprises! We're a bunch of goody-lovin' fools, aren't we?

  3. I was drooling over the treasure box, but you are right, you better keep it yourself. I'm curious to find out what's inside though... so add my name to the hat please!

  4. That IS quite an amazing treasure box you've created Nigel...I would not want to part with it either!

    Thanks so much for the chance to be the lucky winner of your giveaway!

    BIG congrats on 200 bbb posts!
    Here's to many many more!
    p.s. I am a follower :)

  5. GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!!!!! count me in ! :D

  6. You tease!! lol Please count me in on your 200th post celebration, as long as the contents don't have 8 legs or smell of really bad eggs.

    Your treasure box looks very authentic, all you need now is a tri corner hat and a swagger to your walk.

    Thank you very much Nigel. :0)

  7. Congrats on #200 and on creating that gorgeous treasure box!!!!! I was directed here to get the gesso transfer technique.




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