Sunday, 11 September 2011

The mouse's tail

My entry for the latest Altered Alice challenge where the theme is text as background. It would have been my entry for the TOFF 'stripes' challenge, but I couldn't get it posted in time.

The inspiration is from The Mouse's Tale in Alice in Wonderland. The background text is nonsensical Latin from a Lorem Ipsum generator, but threaded through it is the mouse's tale.


  1. Don't feel bad Nigel! I missed last week's TOFF challenge as well. LOVE your Mousie tale! The fab background colors with the nonsense script is fabulous and of course I love Lily's images. Thanks so much for joining The Altered Alice Challenge. xxD

  2. Welcome back, we've missed you at The Altered Alice! LOVE the way you threaded the mouse's tale through in a zig zag, just the way it was set in the original story! Very cool, and how can you go wrong with Octopodes? Fun!

  3. this is fun Nigel and reading about the Mouse's Tail and thinking on The Cubby Hole ... even if not related...I am so often inspired by text in have used it brilliantly for your background!