Sunday, 3 July 2011

Odds and sods

First off, an apology to everybody who's blog I haven't visited, and who I owe an email to. I will get round to you sooner or later, but things aren't too great at the moment.
I went on holiday last Sunday, and on Monday put my back out, so I'm hobbling about like an old man (don't even think about saying it!). Since then we have a family issue that involves hospital visits and so on, but life goes on.

Next up - we have a winner. Remember this post? Well, the winner is Cuddly Bunny, who gets the mystery contents of the box (and they're staying secret until they've been delivered). Now, as I'm a generous all-round good egg, I've decided that I'll send a mini goodie bag to all those who commented, so if you're name is on the list drop me a quick email with your address.

I've been doing a little bit of creative stuff, but it's either not quite finished, or it's for the upcoming exhibition at the Cubby Hole in August. However, yesterday was a playday at the CH and there was a mini workshop on image transfer run by yours truly. Unfortunately I forgot to take photo's of people's work, but I do have a pic of my demo piece that was created on the day.

I think that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have more to post soon, and keep an eye on the CCTV blog for details of the Cubby Hole exhibition.


  1. Sorry your not in tip top condition Nigel hope things improve soon. Sorry too that I missed your workshop yesterday. By the look of your canvass it was a good one!
    Sue :)

  2. Hope your back feels a lot better soon, it's no fun feeling out of sorts.

    And I hope it didn't spoil your holiday too much!

  3. oh man... are you ok??? Today's weird day... hearing all these 'not feeling well' from my blog friends.. and my little one is coughing in this hot summer day :(
    Hope you feel better soon and I'll send you my address soon :D
    Hang on tight.. I'm pretty sure you're better at it than me... that life goes on and you always hang on tight =) XOXOXO

  4. Thank you again Nigel, and I do hope that you put yourself and your health in front of your blogging friends. We'll understand be here patiently awaiting your return!

  5. So sorry to hear about your back and the trouble in your family... I do hope everything will turn out for the best! And how generous of you to send everyone something.. I'll send you my addy by email... have a nice week and get better soon Nigel!

  6. Oh dear Nigel...I feel for you as I have a back that doesn't always support me and I know that hurts and changes everything for awhile!
    Sending lots of healing wishes to you and your family!
    BIG congrats to the lucky Cuddly are a good egg to offer to send goodies to each of us.
    Many thanks and take good care my friend!

  7. oh AND I adore that Shepard Fairy Make Art Not fact I have the poster and a T shirt and I don't even wear t shirts LOL!

    Your transfer looks super!

  8. Hope your back is feeling better??? I'm back from vacation and your comment gave me the answer.. the reason I couldn't figure it out is because I never grew up ! hehehe


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